At RIX Asset Maintenance (RAM), we have a team of experts ready to tackle your next project. Here are some of our areas of expertise.

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Slope Stabilisation

Rock Fall Protection Barriers/Catch Fences
RAM can install rockfall barriers that stop impact energies of up to 10000 kJ. We deliver rockfall protection and catch fences to keep people and assets safe for the mining, energy and civil engineering sectors.
Rockfall Mesh Drapes
We can install rockfall drape systems without the need to use heavy equipment and machinery. We provide mesh systems for all slopes no matter how difficult the access - whatever the shape and size of the failures. We partner with the world leaders in rock fall protection systems.
Scaling/Rock Removal, Drill and Blast
Whether the job calls for hand tools, excavators or drill and blast, we take on contouring and reprofiling safely and efficiently. We’ve delivered this kind of work across all mining and construction sectors.
Rock Bolts
We’ll sort out drilling for your anchors or bolts, no matter how difficult the access. Our portable rope access equipment, production crawler and anchoring rigs and allow us to reach any difficult or high access projects.
Through our association with The RIX Group, RAM has established itself as the largest ground engineering shotcrete applicator in Australia. Our teams spray in excess of thirty thousand cubic metres of shotcrete across the Asia Pacific each year as well as installing several hundred thousand meters of anchors, soil nails and rock bolts.
Engineered solutions

Ropes Access Services

Non-Destructive Testing
RAM undertakes rope access non-destructive testing services for corrosion protection on plant and equipment in the mining, refining and energy sectors.
Repairs, Maintenance, Blasting and Coatings
Our rope access teams are multi-disciplined tradespeople who can undertake difficult access repairs and maintenance including - but not limited to - blasting and coatings, welding, cutting, hot works and fitting, confined space.
Advanced Rigging
The RAM rope access crews come self-contained with certified riggers and doggers and are capable of undertaking complex lifting plans in difficult access locations.
Specialist Concrete and Membrane
Our association with The RIX Group of companies give RAM access to the latest concrete and membrane techniques, as well as modern plant and equipment for repair. All of this can be done in the most difficult access locations, using traditional scaffold, boat, EWP or rope access techniques.
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